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Daily Notes :I Moved to MT.

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Wow… I never thought a web publishing program would bring this much stress and anger. Both MT and Blogger have made it a most unpleasant experience as of late. I almost wanted to stop blogging at one point during this weekend.

Blogger has been timing out and giving me an error when I want to republish the entire blog. On top of that, as of last week when I created a new post and published it wouldn’t show up on my blog unless I republished the entire blog, which would inevitably time out and give me an error message. I was happy I made the choice to move to MT.

MT is the publishing platform of choice in the blogsphere. So I purchased MT last week Thursday hoping that I would be up running and ready to modify the template in less than an hour or so. Then I tried to install and configure MT. It took me all of Friday evening, and all of Saturday evening to install it. Then I spent the better part of Sunday evening in the fetal position because I couldn’t get the “trackback/comments/archive/read further” links to work properly. I had nearly pulled every hair from my body (starting from the top down) when I got the help of a friend who after looking at my MT weblog config for a mere 10 seconds, fixed it. What a mixed blessing that was. Yay!! It’s fixed, but what a retard I turned out to be.

posted by: Brian Scott

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