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Love blogging or Reason # 213,120,121 why I love my wife.

For the past 9 months to a year our mounted microwave has slowly begun to die. We try and ignore the fact that the appliance is only 3 years old, but what do you expect from a crappy builder. He used the cheapest crap he could find and installed it in our house.

For a while now Mrs Scott has been looking for the “best” priced microwave we could find. We are not made of money so we decided to go with one that was featured in an ABC Warehoused flyer. I tried to warn my wife about the lousy greedy filthy salesmen this place is known for, but bless her heart, if that unit was available; she was going to get it.

She walked into ABC Warehouse with Eli in arm and Gabe in hand and asked a salesmen where the microwave was that she saw in the flyer. To which the man replied…

‘I’m sorry we ran out of those along time ago, in fact those have been backordered and wont be in stock for quite a while. Why not take a look at this other model which is only slightly more expensive?”

And immediately my wife did an about face and began walking out of the store.

And within a few feet of the salesman and loud enough for him to hear, Gabe asked, “Why are we leaving, mom?”

To which my wife loudly replied: “Because this is the type of store that tricks you into coming in with one price and then tries to sell you something more expensive."

She is awesome!

Note: The Microwave the salesmen suggested was approximately $100.00 more than one in the flyer.

posted by: Brian Scott

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