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Kerry: The great debater?

Just a quick thought and some questions about Kerry's debating skills. I've heard over and over again today (on talk radio) about how great Kerry is at debating. I'm sorry but I don't buy it. This guy has had 1.5 years of indirect debate against the president through interviews, press conferences, and campaign rally’s. At each of these events he has had the luxury of first choosing his words and then spending as much time as he wants clarifying them, a luxury he will not have tonight. This "great debater" has squandered his lead by having more than one position on the war in Iraq and painting himself as something he despised in the 70's. Wouldn't a "great" debater be "great" outside of the actual debate? What is it about the debate podium that will suddenly change this flip-flopping, un-centered liberal into a super human debater filled with clarity of thought and solid answers? Simply put, the location won’t change who he is. His objection to the red warning light at the 11th hour just before the debates, is a perfect example of how panicked he is about not having enough time to clarify himself.

posted by: Brian Scott

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