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The Jewish vote(R)

Two days ago I expressed disbelief in how Jews vote in our elections. I couldn’t understand why Jews voted for Kerry, especially after making comments like he did to the Arab American Institute, where he called Israel's wall a “barrier to peace”. This wall has all but stopped suicide bombings. It helps keep woman, infants, children, sons, daughters and fathers safe from Palestinian terrorists who wish to murder them. In short the wall has been Israel’s best idea since unleavened bread.

Angered by Jewish complacency with the Democratic Party, I made this comment:

    ”How is it possible that Kerry is set to take the majority of the Jewish vote? It’s beyond my comprehension. How can Jews trust that Kerry has Israel’s best interest at heart when he speaks out against the very thing that is keeping Women, children, and babies safe from the rage of Palestinian suicide bombers? Kerry has said nothing and done nothing that would endear himself to the Jews.

    I am a friend of Israel, but not a friend of stupidity. If Jewish Americans suffer from the same intelligence deficiencies that Kerry suffers from, they deserve each other.”
Thankfully, I stumbled upon this article from Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe in which he explains their robotic voting practices. Here are some excerpts.

”Increasingly, Party A (the Democratic Party – Brian Scott) is the political home of those who demonize Jews, such as the South Carolina senator who claimed that the war in Iraq was launched to ''take the Jewish vote.'' Conversely, Party B (the Republican Party – Brian Scott) has driven out the anti-Semites in its midst, and is now where the most ardent philo-Semites in American politics are concentrated.

Jews will almost certainly vote overwhelmingly for Party A - the Democratic Party - just as they have for more than half a century. They will do so notwithstanding the Democrats' willingness to indulge a race-baiting hustler like Al Sharpton. Notwithstanding John Kerry's uncertain trumpet in the war against radical Islamic terror. Notwithstanding the Bush administration's unprecedented support and friendship for Israel.”

He goes on to reason that in the 19th and 20th centuries, it was the conservatives that were the most anti-Semitic. I suppose I would have the same aversion to the conservative party to since that was the case. Ever since then it has been their tradition to vote for the Democratic party.

So tradition wins over intellectual honesty in the Jewish community. I wonder if they view it as something religious? Regardless, no matter how pro-Israel Bush may be (the most of any president) the American Jew will ignore the fact that Arafat visited the White House more than any other foreign leader during the Clinton administration, and That Kerry supports the U.N, (an anti-Semitic organization) and wishes to make them a “full partner” in US foreign policy.

I agree completely with Jeff when he says that it’s time for the Jewish people to look at the conservative party today. They need to ask themselves; “Who has the Jewish people’s best interest at heart?” I have no doubt the answer will come back a resounding, George W. Bush and the Republican party.

posted by: Brian Scott

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