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The wisdom of Hollywood

Just recently it was announced that a few bands will be getting together to help defeat GWB this November. Whatever. I typically want to go see bands play their music not to speak out against someone. It won’t do them any good. But at least they can feel good about themselves for making the effort. They will be preaching to the choir. Do they honestly believe that their rhetoric will make all the difference in changing someone’s mind? I guess so.

I wish entertainers stuck to what they are good at; their art. I would love to be able to enjoy a movie with Tim Robbins in it, but each time I see his face on screen, I also see the face of a man claiming a “chill wind is blowing.” He has ceased to be the character on screen and has become Tim Robbins the activist trying to win an Oscar. I’m picking on Tim but there are way too many other actors to include in this post.

Too many in Hollywood use their fame to project their opinions on tens of people who actually care about what they think. They truly believe that their fame makes them qualified to make sound lucid decisions between trips to rehab for their drug and sex addictions, as well as their anorexia and bulimia. Using that logic, I wonder what the crackwhore downtown has to say about the election? Not only is she addicted to drugs, she is also a whore, so that places her on equal ground with a lot of other activist actors.

Wow, that was completely unfair. But man it was fun to say.

Don’t get me wrong, we conservatives are in no short supply of famous help either. Kid Rock, Tom Selleck, Kelsay Grammer, Bruce Willis and many more all support George W for president in 2004. And even though I relish in the fact that there are a few reasonable voices in Hollywood, I would still like them to pick a profession. Do they want to be a political activist, or would they rather be an actor? They should decide, because quite frankly, they damage their careers and cease becoming the character they wish to play or a band worth listening to.

posted by: Brian Scott

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