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Why I am a conservative – Part 1

Subtitle: Why I’m not a Liberal Democrat.

I could never be a Liberal Democrat. They believe that morals, values, and truth are subjective terms. This line of thinking dictates that people should decide for themselves what their morality should be, that the truth is how they see it and each person's truth is equally valid. These statements are their foundation for their ill-conceived doctrine of tolerance. They are tolerant of everything except for those who are intolerant of their way of thinking.

This type of thinking is for the most basic Neanderthal mind. No thought is required after being indoctrinated with this mindset. All debate ceases to exist because they automatically assume that anything said has the same intrinsic value as their own opinion. There is no truth but your own. The fact that opinions can be wrong is of no concern to them.

In Chuck Colson’s book “How Now Shall We Live” he demonstrates the pervasiveness of this mindset when he described a speech he gave to a prominent State University. He imagined before he began his speech that what he was about to say, would provoke many questions and much debate, but instead it produced blank stares and no responses. So as his speech went on he made his stance even more definitive and more exclusionary to provoke a response. He did not get one. It wasn’t because he failed in brining his point across, it was because, as a professor told him earlier, the children had been so indoctrinated with moral relativism and tolerance, that his words were accepted as his (Chuck’s) truth, and no one else’s.

Understanding that mindset makes it easier to grasp why a liberal like John Kerry would say something like this:

    "I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception."
And then in the same breath say this:

    "I can't take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist," he continued in the interview. "We have separation of church and state in the United States of America."
You see? His statement that life begins at conception is not something he honestly believes is true for everyone all of the time. If he did, he would sign legislation banning the practice of all abortion because he would value life. He would support that unborn child’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This mindset unifies them. It is their rock on rollers. It is their single truth that they hold fast to. And since this is true, it is impossible to legislate conservative morality because it makes definitive statements like “Marriage is between a man and a woman”. To a liberal this is black and white thinking in a world where truth is subjective. How dare we impose our morality on them?

I wish that were the worst of it. Five years ago gay marriage would have been unthinkable. Yet here we are today. Why? Is it because truth has changed? Remember there is no truth except for what they currently feel is acceptable today. The goal post can and will move at their whim. Now, to them, the truth is that homosexual marriage should be allowed. Thousands of years of tradition will soon be cast aside. I have no doubt that once America has been sufficiently worn down enough, legislation like gay marriage will look down right conservative by comparison.

I could never be a part of this party as long as I’m a Christian. Although it does hold some tenants of Christianity, mostly because of the pervasiveness of our Judeo Christian upbringing, it regards truth and honesty with disdain. They believe Guns kill people, SUV’s kill people, babies are parasites, that your wealth should not be your own, minorities should have special rights, Christians are the scourge of America, America is the scourge of the world, Michael Moore tells the truth, terrorists are today’s minute men, we deserved 9/11, communism wasn’t a threat, dividing a nation is the highest form of patriotism, and flip flopping is misinterpreted intellectualism.

posted by: Brian Scott

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