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Saudi Rap, Tax crap, and "The Brian Song."

Updated 8/16/04 3:35pm

Gangsta Saudi
In an apparent death wish, Saudi boys are starting to play dress up gangsta style. Any emulation of western culture in the Muslim world is viewed with contempt and anger.

The article is rather interesting. In it they denounce rap culture over and over again, so as not to confuse the fact they like the music, but not the lifestyle. I'm not so sure members of Whahabbi faith would see it that way. The kids know this too. They spoke “anonymously” to the Saudi Gazette, choosing instead to use their “street names” Q-2Pac, Snoop, Naz and Moe.

Not only do these kids reek with the common sense Allah gave them, but Allah is apparently okay with racial bigotry against the poor and white America.
    ”They want to dispel any misconceptions about them. They respect the traditions and values of the Kingdom and live by them. They are from privileged families and belong to respected tribes, and have nothing in common with the roots of poverty and oppression of the artists they admire. But what young Saudis are intrigued by is the image of glitz, glamour, success and fast cars of a rapper s life more than anything else.”
    ”Some rap music contains vulgar language and language that is against the Islamic traditions of Saudi society. The music at times refers to alcohol or violence in the lyrics of Eminem, a white American rapper who is generally unpopular with Saudi hip-hop fans.”
This piece does present a larger question though; Does the embracing of western culture make you feel safer? Even though the trends to embrace certain aspects of western culture sound like a good idea, will it ever become pervasive enough to make a difference in the long run? Or will it be stifled by those in authority before it ever becomes a perceived problem by the Saudi family?

These kids aren’t that clueless. They know better than to embrace western culture in any way. They have every reason to be worried. Just look at what people can be arrested for in the Saudi Kingdom. Recently three men were arrested and jailed for “criticizing the political establishment of the Kingdom.” Stories like this make me proud to be a free American.


Taxe breaks for all not just for some.
The headlines can very misleading: "CBO Report: Bush Tax Cuts Tilted to Rich" and another by The Associated Press reads: "Study: Tax burden growing heavier for middle class." If you just read the headlines only like a good liberal then you would never reach the truth that EVERYONE got their taxes reduced over the last 3 years.

Look, if you're wealthy enough to pay taxes, your tax burden was reduced. Just because the "rich" (Whatever that means) got a larger tax deduction than maybe you did, does not mean you’re paying more in taxes.

So if you feel jipped or angry that Uncle MoneyBags got 1 or 2 more percentage points more a deduction than you did, you are simply being greedy. Be thankful that you got a tax deduction at all. It's not every day the government decides to let you keep more of your hard earned money.

It’s interesting to note that even though the headlines are misleading the article themselves tell the story right, as long as one is able to read past the leftspeak. Thankfully UPI newswire gets the headline right: “Lower taxes for all, not just wealthy

The Brian Song
This is not supposed to be narcissistic. It actually mocks the name Brian. That’s not entirely true. It’s a song by Monte Python that was used for their movie, “The life of Brian.” It’s a hilarious tale of mistaken identity. Or, I thought it was funny once. Now if I were to see it again, I might think it blasphemous.

The fact they sing that Brian "grew grew and grew", well.... that just fits perfectly (I’m 6’-9” in case you haven’t been reading). My wife laughed and said I should blog it for people to hear. I'm cool with that. So without further ado...

Listen to the Brian Song
Song by the cast of Monty Python

posted by: Brian Scott

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