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RNC day 1

Last night was really fun to watch the RNC. Due to the lack (none) of coverage on the major networks however, I watched it on PBS. And even though PBS is quite liberal in its own right, they have my support and undivided attention over the next few days. I will not watch patronize and encourage the obvious media bias that is so prevalent on the major networks. Kudos PBS for playing fair. I encourage anyone that does not have cable or satellite to patronize PBS as well.

I was able to catch both Senator John McCain’s and Rudy Giuliani’s speeches. Both were spot on point, dynamic and fun to listen to. And despite the pre-convention questions about how moderate the opening night speakers were, there was nothing in their speeches that would leave you to believe the conservative party has abandoned its conservative base or ideals.

Last night was about our country’s security, the war on terror, and GWB’s abilitiy to lead us through difficult times. Senator McCain did a near perfect job defining what this war is about, our need to be in Iraq, and the president’s resolve to keep all American’s safe. But what I enjoyed most about the speech was his ability to punctuate a proper mindset during these difficult times. Something the left sorely needed to hear.

    ”It's a fight between a just regard for human dignity and a malevolent force that defiles an honorable religion by disputing God's love for every soul on earth. It's a fight between right and wrong, good and evil.”

    “And should our enemies acquire for their arsenal the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons they seek, this war will become a much bigger thing.”

    “Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war”

    “The sacrifices borne in our defense are not shared equally by all Americans. But all Americans must share a resolve to see this war through to a just end.”

    “President Bush made the difficult decision to liberate Iraq. Those who criticize that decision would have us believe that the choice was between a status quo that was well enough left alone and war. But there was no status quo to be left alone.

    The years of keeping Saddam in a box were coming to a close. The international consensus that he be kept isolated and unarmed had eroded to the point that many critics of military action had decided the time had come again to do business with Saddam, despite his near daily attacks on our pilots, and his refusal, until his last day in power, to allow the unrestricted inspection of his arsenal.

    Our choice wasn't between a benign status quo and the bloodshed of war. It was between war and a graver threat. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not our critics abroad. Not our political opponents.

    And certainly not a disingenuous film maker who would have us believe that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace when in fact it was a place of indescribable cruelty, torture chambers, mass graves and prisons that destroyed the lives of the small children held inside their walls.”
Both McCain’s and Rudy’s comments on 9/11will make it difficult for the left to object with. There can be no debate at what action he took following 9/11 and how on 9/14 he went to ground zero to encourage our nations heroes in their gruesome task of cleaning up the blood soaked destruction. Rudy described that day in an anecdote that is my favorite part of his speech.

    remember President Bush coming here on September 14, 2001 and lifting the morale of our rescue workers by talking with them and embracing them and staying with them much longer than originally planned.

    With buildings still unstable, with fires raging below ground of 2000 degrees or more, there was good reason for concern.

    Well the President remained there and talked to everyone, the firefighters, the police officers, the healthcare workers, the clergy, but the people who spent the most time with him were our construction workers.

    Now New York construction workers are very special people. I'm sure this is true all over but I know the ones here the best. They were real heroes along with many others that day, volunteering immediately. And they're big, real big. Their arms are bigger than my legs and their opinions are even bigger than their arms.

    Now each one of them would engage the President and I imagine like his cabinet give him advice.

    They were advising him in their own words on exactly what he should do with the terrorists. Of course I can't repeat their exact language.

    But one of them really went into great detail and upon conclusion of his remarks President Bush said in a rather loud voice, "I agree."

    At this point the guy just beamed and all his buddies turned toward him in amazement.

    The guy just lost it.

    So he reached over, embraced the President and began hugging him enthusiastically.

    A Secret Service agent standing next to me looked at the President and the guy and instead of extracting the President from this bear hug, he turned toward me and put his finger in my face and said, "If this guy hurts the President, Giuliani you're finished."

    Meekly, and this is the moral of the story, I responded, "but it would be out of love."
He made a masterful speech outlining the president’s resolve and the reasons for the war on terror and the war in Iraq. And I would also agree with anyone that says those points are the most important parts of this speech. But, it is these little snippets of the president’s life that give people incite into he really is. President Bush is not only wartime president, but also a president who cares deeply for the citizenry of this great nation. That’s why I enjoyed this part of Giuliani’s speech the most.

One has to wonder if the choice for both McCain and Giuliani to speak last night back to back was not calculated by the GOP in some way. After watching those two masterfully made speeches I can easily see a McCain/Giuliani presidential ticket in 2008. That wouldn’t be my choice, but I can certainly see it happening.

posted by: Brian Scott

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