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More defense of Keyes at the Common Sense and here at radioBS - Updated 4:15pm!

I felt my point was not fully understood in my last post, so check over at for addtional clarification on my position towards Alan Keyes.

My post is titled: Alan Keyes -- Still Best For Illinois

And when you're done with that check out what Thomas Sowell says about Alan Keyes. He recently wrote an article titled: Alan Keyes in Illinois

    "Back during the first Bush administration, the President invited some civil rights leaders to meet with him at the White House. They set a precondition -- that neither Alan Keyes nor Thomas Sowell be present at that meeting.

    The Wall Street Journal was incensed that the elder President Bush agreed to these preconditions but I was more amused than anything else. For one thing, I had been to the White House the previous week and said what I had to say, not that it did any good.

    Had there been a meeting that included Alan Keyes and myself, I could have sat back with folded arms and enjoyed watching Keyes make mincemeat of the intellectual lightweights who call themselves black "leaders." Keyes is both savvy and fearless, and is wholly undeterred by the name-calling that black "leaders" direct at other blacks who dare to disagree with them.

    The memory of all this came back to me when I learned that Alan Keyes is now running for the United States Senate from the state of Illinois. This is an historic opportunity for the Republican Party, and if the Republicans have any sense -- a controversial issue on which I take no position -- they will make the most of it by backing Keyes to the hilt."
Today I get to see Dr. Alan Keyes make a speech on the defense of marriage. Hopefully I wll have an opportunity to ask him about his stance on reparations. Wish me luck.

Update: 4:15pm 08/20/04
I did get to meet and ask Dr. Keyes some questions. In fact I'm sure I ticked the local media off because I monopolized his time after his speech. I took nearly 6 of the 10 minutes alloted for questioning for just the media. More on that tonight.

I am more convinced than ever that this man is the right man for the job in Illinois, despite my obvious disagreement with him about "reparations". In short I agree with Sowell's assesment of him as described in his article.

(h/t to Steve at conservapundits for sending me the link to the Sowell article)

posted by: Brian Scott

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