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How to cut $121,000,000.00 from our tax burden

I have never gone to an art museum, probably never will, but I realize the beauty in fine art. Like so many other things that the government has chosen to screw up art has become a outlet for the most disgusting and vile among us, all on the government dole. The National Endowment of the Arts (NEA - not to be confused with the other pile of dung The National Education Association)has funded the most reprehensible works imaginable. Why are people going to the NEA for funding instead of trying to find private businesses to commission them? Because they know that they would never get the funding for the crap they are pushing as art.

In an article written for the Frontiers for Freedom Institute, Jason F. Wright proposes an end to the funding of this government flop.

Lyndon Johnson created the NEA in 1965 against public opinion.
At the time, a mere one in twenty Americans believed the federal government should provide assistance to artists and their organizations. About the same felt that states and local governments should take that role, and the other 90% believed that either private industry should lead the cause or that no action was needed--period.
Johnson set it up with 2.3 million dollars. Since that time their budget has grown explosively to today's 121 million dollars.
In 2004 the NEA will receive 121,000,000 of our taxpayer dollars and next year it jumps another $18,000,000 to $139,000,000.
Instead of producing art that normal society will enjoy and gladly fund they are free to produce garbage and rake in a big check from the federal government.
They somehow argue that our friends Franklin, Madison, and Washington intended that in the year 2004 we would enjoy a constitutional right to federally funded pictures of the Virgin Mary covered with elephant feces.
During the greatest art periods the artists were commissioned by private businesses to create the wonderful works of art.
In the year 1506, Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, arguably the most beloved and cherished painting of all-time. Was it a labor of love? Was it paid for by benevolent Italians? Neither. It was commissioned by Florentine businessman, Francesco del Giocondo. He saw value in opening his own wallet and funding this now classic masterpiece.
It's time to let capitalism decide what will be regarded as acceptable art in our society. The free pass given to artists has got to end.

First Lady Laura Bush has come out in support of the NEA and I think she is dead wrong on this issue. I like Laura Bush, I really do. I think she is a classy lady and a great representative of what a First Lady ought to be. Her support of this baffles me though. Some of the things this organization has supported in the past I believe diametrically opposes the belief system she and her husband profess.

It is time to slay the NEA. A Goliath has been created, and only an army of David's can put an end to it. Hitting it in the forehead with a rock simply is not enough. We've got to flatten it, lop off it's head, and forgive LBJ for ignoring us in the first place. So, are you a David?

posted by: Dan

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