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GOP Convention prep.

The FBI is starting to track and identify potential “problems” that might occur during the GOP convention. It seems as though some anarchist protestors (And I use that term loosely – domestic terrorist would be more apt.) would like to disrupt the whole convention, even to the point of evacuation.

So in order to keep up with the latent threats that are being made, the FBI has been tracking internet sites, talking with activists, and visiting homes of potential trouble makers to help stem the coming onslaught of mass protesting. Not only that, but the city has been slow in issuing permits to large groups.

Crybaby Donna Lieberman of the ACLU NY chapter feels this is not very nice of the bad ole establishment. If she doesn’t mention McCarthyism I’ll be upset.

    "Political interrogation without suspicion of criminal activity harkens back to the bad old days of the McCarthy era," she said. "The FBI does not have a right to intimidate people for criticizing the government."
No need to be upset I guess. The second these idiot kids are told to keep their pants on, obey the law, act civilly, and be good citizens they scream McCarthyism. Just how much brain matter would you need to remove in order to understand their cause?

John Young, a long time activist and hapless dumkuf started posting floor plans and maps of the Madison Square Garden area on his Internet site, which was not well received by the authorities, so they paid him a visit.

    In November, two FBI agents arrived at his apartment and told him they believed information on his site "could be used to harm the United States," he said. "They were very polite," he said. "They made it clear that nothing I was doing was illegal."
This hardly sounds like intimidation to me. Where do libs go for training anyway, EmptyRhetoric U? They will say just about anything in attempt to gain a political edge. Screaming McCarthyism at the drop of the hat is killing the weight the accusation it once held. It’s like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson screaming racism every time a white cop busts a black criminal.

The authorities are doing what they can within the bounds of the law. If protecting, anticipating, and preventing domestic terrorism is McCarthyism, I say bring it back.

Maybe the authorities should put them in a giant cage like they did to conservative protestors at their convention? I’m sure they would agree that is an acceptable means of dealing with them right? I think it’s a great idea. They can all move around in a giant circle screaming their stupid idiotic slogans with zero meaning from a distance that is acceptable to the GOP.

Or maybe they can all participate in a mock mass hanging within the cage? This tactic would gain the approval of both sides of the aisle right? The left would feel it’s getting it’s point across and the right would be happy to see idiot libs hang, even if it is just for show.

The last sentence is supposed to be a joke people. Try not to have a cow.

posted by: Brian Scott

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