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Activist Cash.

First of all I would like to thank Brian for the opportunity to fill in for him while he is off gallivanting with his family. I have a big head... um big shoes to fill.

Ever wonder how much money activist groups are hauling in? Go to and you can look up how much money they made, expenditures, their net worth etc...

You can also look up the endorsers and supporters. It also gives a good sampling of what direction these groups are taking. There is also a section called the Blackeye, that points to a person or idea that has harmed the message of the organization. Here is an example of the blackeye from the Greenpeace page:

Patrick Moore was one of a dozen or so activists who founded Greenpeace in the basement of a Unitarian Church in Vancouver. Within 7 years, the organization had footholds in over two dozen countries and a $100 million budget. As eco-activists in general found themselves suddenly invited into the meeting-places of business and government, Greenpeace made the decision to take even more extreme positions, rather than being drawn in to collaboration with their former enemies.

Moore broke with his comrades during this period, and has emerged as an articulate critic of his former brainchild. Referring to Greenpeace's "eco-extremism" in March 2000, he described the group in Oregon Wheat magazine as "Anti-human"; "antitechnology and anti-science"; "Anti-organization" and "pro-anarchy"; "anti-trade"; "anti-free-enterprise"; "anti-democratic"; and "basically anti-civilization."

Writing in Canada's National Post in October 2001, Patrick Moore offered the following critique: "I had no idea that after I left in 1986 they would evolve into a band of scientific illiterates.... Clearly, my former Greenpeace colleagues are either not reading the morning paper or simply don't care about the truth."
Ouch!! When one of your founding members calls you illiterates that's gotta sting.

There is also some interesting information on the Tides Center of Western Pennsylvania:

The Tides Center board of directors has been especially busy of late. In 2001 the first Tides "franchise" office (not counting Tides' presence in Washington and New York) was opened in Pittsburgh. This new outpost, called the Tides Center of Western Pennsylvania, was erected largely at the urging of Pittsburgh native Teresa Heinz (the widow of Senator John Heinz, the ketchup heir). Heinz pulls more strings in the foundation world than almost any other old-money socialite; she's presently married to U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA). The Tides Foundation has collaborated on funding projects with the Heinz Endowments (Teresa Heinz's personal domain) for over 10 years.
Check out the site there is a lot of good information on all the crazies out there, I recommend the Earth First! page. Pretty interesting stuff.

posted by: Dan

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