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480 lbs couch woman update

Last week I spoke about Ms. Grinds. Heres an update on who she was, how it came to be that she became one with her couch, and the "love" (or lack thereof) of her immediate family.

    "When the fire-rescue crew arrived at the house, they found a sparsely furnished home with no air conditioning and letters piled on a table with cockroaches eating their way through the envelopes. Around the space where Grinds' couch had been, they saw dozens of empty Publix soda cans strewn on the floor. Empty bags of Doritos, Ruffles chips, an ice-cream cone wrapper and rotting, maggot-infested oranges had been thrown on the floor among unwashed pants, T-shirts and underwear.

    A television and stereo equipment were on the floor — bare concrete in some parts. In the kitchen, the fridge wasn't working and contained several plates of decomposing food. Two bedrooms had mattresses on the floor, including one partly burned, among clothes, paperwork and more food wrappers.

    Two of Grinds' three surviving siblings couldn't explain why rescuers found her in such a shape. Brother Clifford Grinds, now out of jail and living 5 miles away, said he loved his sister."
What a tragic family. Ms. Grinds refused to take care of herself, and the others “in her life” refused to get involved. They are all (Ms. Grinds included) morally culpable in her death. That is why there is an investigation into criminal neglect.

posted by: Brian Scott

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