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When visiting the UK, don't forget your condoms, anti-bacterial cream, wart ointment, and penicillin.

I thought the Liberal UK was enlightened? So much for "safe" sex.

    Comparison of numbers of new diagnoses between 2002-2003 show:

    -- Chlamydia increased by 9% (from 82,558 in 2002 to 89,818 in 2003)

    -- Syphilis increased by 28% (from 1,232 in 2002 to 1,575 in 2003)

    -- Gonorrhoea decreased by 3% (from 25,065 in 2002 to 24,309 in 2003)

    -- Genital warts increased by 2% (from 69,569 in 2002 to 70,883 in 2003)

    -- Genital herpes decreased by 2% (from 18,432 in 2002 to 17,990 in 2003)
It should be noted that Madonna brought each one of these diseases into the UK on her first world tour.

posted by: Brian Scott

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