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When lies become truth

A CBS poll recently sites that 87% of black voters will be voting for Kerry this November. That isn’t what bothers me. What bothers me is why they will vote for John.

    African Americans’ strong dislike of incumbent President George W. Bush is one important factor in their vote choice. But so is the memory of the disputed Florida 2000 election and that controversy is also a cause of deep suspicion. Most African American voters say President Bush did not win the 2000 election legitimately, and for some, the events of 2000 have given them additional motivation to turn out this year. At the same time many black voters worry that there will be deliberate efforts to discount their votes this November.
Lets first deal with the 8 to 1 statistic. That number represents about 13% of the black vote projected in Bush’s favor for this election. In 2000, Bush only took 11% of the black vote. As a friend of mine noted to me while writing this piece, this is not statistically significant for republicans to be excited about, especially when factoring in the margin of error. 

While I agree with that assessment, any erosion of votes from the democratic ticket in the minority communities is not good for the liberal ticket. Especially now since this country is so evenly divided. All votes are coveted.

In John Kerry’s recent visit to the partisan civil wrongs group the NAACP, he reminded his minority voting base of the 2000 election.
    "We learned our lesson in 2000," he said of the disputed election recount, "and I add my voice to those who have vowed: Never again."
The truth is the Justice department said that no Florida natives were denied the right to vote, only that there were some normal unintentional problems that may have occurred, but not enough that the final tally would have swayed in Gores favor. Yet the entire Democratic elite continue in their accusations that somehow Bush stole the election.

Other reasons include:

Estelle Holmes, a black Democratic Kerry supporter, helps us define additional reasons for the lopsided Kerry support.

    “No, Bush has cut educational funding,” said Holmes. “Kerry has proven that he cares about the little people by supporting quality health insurance, better jobs, lower taxes for the middle and lower class, and Kerry wants to restore educational funding that Bush has cut.”
The truth on education spending:

    Education spending increased by 65 percent to $58 billion. Nearly $11 billion of this increase occurred in elementary and secondary education, a result of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act as well as added special education funding. College student financial assistance accounted for much of the remaining increase.
The truth on tax cuts:

The truth is that 100% of tax payers got their taxes cut. It boggles my mind how greedy and hypocritical people can be. When tax cuts are being given out by a republican congress and Whitehouse it’s never enough to the right crowd. When a Democrat is in office they can never take enough taxes from us.

It’s almost like there’s this belief that they didn’t get a tax cut at all. That's a balled faced lie, but that is what they believe right?

Tax cuts went to the rich, the middle class and the poor. As long as you paid taxes, you got a break. Not only that, but the tax cuts helped us get out of a recession. That’s good for everyone. Why is that forgotten?


It's clear to me why the black community will vote for Kerry. It’s to bad they will be voting for a man who’s party has lied to them ad Nauseum ad Infinitum. What is most troubling is that they will follow blindly without verification of the so called “facts”. The lies have become truth to them.

posted by: Brian Scott

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