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Weight Watchers looses dead weight: Whoopi!

I'm willing to bet Whoopi and friends will scream censorship on this one. She was removed from Weight Watchers add campaign because of the comments she made at a Dem fundraiser. I can hear her now: "You know, we do have a thing called freedom of speech in this country." I can't stand stupidity. But I’m willing to bet money on this one.

    Comedian Whoopi Goldberg will no longer appear in ads for diet aid maker Slim-Fast following her lewd riff on President Bush's name at a fund-raiser last week, the company said on Wednesday.

    Florida-based Slim-Fast said it was "disappointed" in Goldberg's remarks at last Thursday's $7.5 million star-studded fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

    "Ads featuring Ms. Goldberg will no longer be on the air," Slim-Fast General Manager Terry Olson said in a statement, adding that the company regrets that Goldberg's remarks offended some customers.
Remember, no one is censoring her. WW is within their full rights to remove Poopie from their add campaign. She is still allowed to say whatever she wants without the fear of being arrested.

Which reminds me; I hate Hollywood. It's a freakin mindless zoo out there.

Read the whole story here.

posted by: Brian Scott

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