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Tom Mauser's Fight.

I recently received this form e-mail from Tom Mauser. Tom’s son Daniel was killed in the Columbine massacre.

    I am writing to you and a few other bloggers asking for help. My name is Tom Mauser and my son Daniel was killed at Columbine High School. If we don't stand up to President Bush and the NRA right now, the assault weapons ban will expire and AK47s and Uzis will be back on our streets.


    Here is what you can do to help:

    1) Sign my petition to extend the assault weapon ban:
    When you sign up, we will automatically create a bloggable Personal Petition Page.

    2) Link to your Personal Petition Page from your site and encourage your readers to sign up. Our special petition software will show you the number of people that sign up because of your effort, and even generate a map showing how the supporters are distributed across America.


    Help honor the legacy of my son and prove that bloggers can make a difference!

    Thank you,
    Tom Mauser
My Open Letter to Tom Mauser.


I am truly sorry for your loss. No one should loose his or her life in that fashion. And a son should always out live his father. But to place a ban on assault weapons seems like blaming a car for drunk driving. The blame should be directed towards those that used the weapons inappropriately. If this law passes, it would be a restriction on our constitutional freedoms and for that reason I do not agree with your cause. If at some point you decide to lobby for a law banning murder….. wait a second. Never mind.


Brian Scott.

The Outlaw Kyle weighs in:

Because of my curious nature I wanted a clear understand of the weapons that Eric and Dylan used in the massacre. For that I went to Kyle, a friend of mine who is both a member of the NRA and a gun aficionado. Here is his response.

    I believe that the "9-mm semi-automatic handgun" was a Tec-9. These were regulated under the 1994 AWB. However, there are what is know as "post-ban" versions the simply didn't have threaded barrel, and there for are not assault weapons.

    The "12-gauge double-barrel sawed-off shotgun" was in no way regulated under the 1994 assault weapons ban. If the barrels were shorter then
    18" then it is regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act. Transfer of these weapons requires the seller to pay a $200 tax, be finger printed, a photo taken, and a form filled out and sent to the BATF at the NFTR(National Firearms Transfer Record) center. However, the media often uses the term "sawed-off shotgun" in the non-legal sense. I don't know if it met the 18" bbl length.

    The "9-mm carbine rifle" I believe is a Hi-Point Carbine. This rifle possesses a detachable magazine, and a pistol grip. However, since it doesn't have anymore "evil" features, it does not fall under the purview of the 1994 AWB. To be a "assault Rifle" a weapon must be:

    1. Semi-auto,
    2. Accept a magazine that holds more then 10 rounds and have no more then 1 of the following:

    A pistol grip
    A Flash Suppressor
    A Bayonet Lug
    A Folding Stock
    A Night Scope
    A Grenade Launcher
    A Threaded Barrel.

    Note also that Grenade Launchers are under the same regulations as Short Barreled Shot guns, and require lots of paper work, time, and money.

    The "12-gauge pump sawed-off shotgun" falls under the same statute as
    the "12-gauge double-barrel sawed-off shotgun".

    So, of the weapons noted above, only the "9-mm semi-automatic handgun"
    (Tec-9?)would have been regulated. Even so, this firearm is available in both pre and post-ban configuration. NOTE, that the actual functioning of the weapon did not change, only the removal of external threading on the bbl.

    The weapons that were affected under the 1994 AWB are ONLY semi-autos, whether they by Rifles, Pistols, Or Shotguns.
Kyle also summarized the above in a response to Tom’s e-mail. He writes:

    The 1994 Assault weapons ban would have only regulated 1 firearm used a Columbine. The Tec-9 was banned under the 1994 AWB by name and by type. However, a version is being manufactured (or was till very recently) that functions the same, it simply doesn't have external thread on the barrel, since this feature was outlawed under the 1994 AWB. I hate to tell Mr. Mauser, but AK's and UZI's are on our streets, and have been in growing numbers since 1994. All the ban did is limit the features that a Semi-Auto Rifle may have. What he doesn't tell you in that e-mail is that the new ban would but restrictions on all PARTS and ACCESSORIES of the semi-auto weapons. You have a bolt from an AK your brought back from Iraq? BANNED. You extractor for you Browing Auto 5 your Grand Father gave you broke? Tough luck. Your buddy gave you a box full of car parts and a stock for a FAL was in there? JAILED! I'm sorry that Mr. Mausers son died, but that doesn't give him the right foist a dictatorship on the American People.
Nuff said.

posted by: Brian Scott

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