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Still not enough justice in my opinion

I'm not sure I consider putting Kinder in the same cell as Flores a mistake. I call it a gift.

    An inmate who was mistakenly put in a jail cell with a man who had raped and choked him as a child will not be prosecuted for beating the molester.

    Jason Flores, 23, will still will have to serve more than two years in prison for other crimes, including car theft and burglary. But prosecutors said Monday they had dropped a battery charge.

    Flores was arrested for a string of crimes in October and found himself at the Orient Road Jail, face to face with Kevin Kinder. Flores attacked him.
    Three mental health experts who testified on Flores' behalf at his sentencing said the counseling he received after being raped was inadequate.

    An expert from the University of South Florida said that Flores suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and that his accidental encounter with Kinder upset him.

    "At age 10, Jason was brutally raped, strangled and left for dead in a field," said Rick Escobar, Flores' attorney. "You can't have greater trauma, in my opinion. He had been frozen in time all these years."

    Kinder pleaded guilty in 1992 to performing lewd acts on four boys, including Flores, and served six years behind bars. He had been returned to prison for violating his probation.
Only 6 years for molesting, raping, and nearly killing four boys? How is that justice? This man needs to be removed from society all together and castrated. I hope Jason really went to town on this guy. If I was Jason's father, I'm not sure Kinder would have been alive long enough to violate his probation.

posted by: Brian Scott

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