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Snopes takes apart "Terror in the Skies" story

Annie Jacobsen was on a recent flight with her husband when 14 Syrians on the plane began to act rather suspicious. Her interpretation of the occurrence was that a dry run was being made by the 14 men in order to piece together a bomb while in mid flight. Each person involved in the bomb making would carry small, seemingly insignificant pieces of the explosive, which would then be assembled in the bathroom of the plane. Annie remains convinced she witnessed a dry run. has it's doubts however.

    The men she observed on her flight were exactly what authorities told her they were: a group of Syrian musicians who had been hired to play at the Sycuan Casino & Resort near San Diego. Like any other group of passengers, the men in musical ensemble talked to each other, moved around, ate food, and used the restrooms while the flight was in progress.
That does not settle my fears. I have some questions.

It has been noted that these "Musicians" were not on the terrorist watch list. I'm not sure that strikes a whole lot of confidence in me. People can become murders after an entire life of living in peace. Is it possible that there are people not on the list that want to hurt us and fit the description of being a terrorist?

Is it possible that the Syrians on board had enough of the bomb puzzle to make one work? Would plastic explosives set off an alarm? Could guitar wire or laptop circuitry, be used to fabricate a bomb in mid flight?

If terrorist can learn to fly planes, is it so unreasonable that they could learn to play instruments?

I have to concede the possibility of this being nothing more than a normal situation blown out of proportion. However, when lives are at stake I’m willing to end whatever it is that is making me feel uncomfortable and deal with the authorities once we land.

Note: I think the last question was formed by a blogger or maybe a listener to one of the conservative radio talk shows. Either way I can't seem to find the source. If you know of the source, let me know and I'll give the appropriate acknowledgement

posted by: Brian Scott

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