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Sandy Berger: Idiot Extraordinaire

Sandy Berger, Clinton's ex national security adviser, and a Kerry advisor, is under investigation for stealing highly classified terrorism documents and handwritten notes from a secure reading room pertaining to the 9/11 commission.

Make no mistake, he did not accidentally put highly classified documents into his pants, jacket and leather portfolio. Sandy and his lawyer freely admit that he knowingly took them. They just can’t find them now.

I want to know right now what information Sandy and Clinton didn't want us to see. I doubt we will ever know what the docs said. It was most likely used as kindling to keep Sandy and Clinton warm while they each drank a snifter of brandy.

‘Thanks Sandy. You covered my butt once again. – Clinton’

Are we ever going to be free of the bungling Clinton administration?
He stuffed the memos in his socks as well.  I would love to know what those papers had on them.

posted by: Brian Scott

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