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The Windows Media Player Trouble Shooting Guide

Question: When I select the link, it doesn't play the intro.
Answer: Huh. I don't know.

Question: When I select the link, I get an error.
Answer: Huh. That’s weird.

Question: Everything seems to work okay, but it doesn't sound good.
Answer: No kidding? Huh. It sounds good on my end. I haven't the foggiest idea what the problem could be.

Question: I'm running an earlier version of Windows Media player, will that work?
Answer: Ummm. Give it try. If it doesn't stream, I will have to go with "No" as the answer. If it does, I'm not sure why you’re asking.

Question: Everything on my end seems to be in order yet it says that I cannot listen due to limited bandwidth.
Answer: Yep. I have a DSL connection with an upload speed of 128kbps. That means that only a limited number of people (about 4 or 5) can stream at once. Hey, I’m poor and just trying to get something started here. If you got loads of disposable income and want to help by buying me a T1 line and a production staff, you can contact me at

posted by: Brian Scott

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