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Protesting the Protest

When the GOP has their convention in New York, it won't go un-protested. In fact they've anticipated thousands showing up to show their disagreement with the republican platform and the Bush/Cheney ticket.

However, the New York chapter of the Protest Warrior group will be there as well to protest the protestors.

If violence doesn't result from this, I'll be surprised. The liberal "peaceniks" won't stand for being protested peacefully. Lets see who throws the first punch shall we?

    It's going to be the protest Olympics. They're all going to be trying to outdo each other," said Kfir Alfia, of Austin, Texas, who formed the group last year with Alan Lipton after they crashed anti-war demonstrations in San Francisco, carrying signs that said: "Except for Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, War Has Never Solved Anything."

    Activists hurled signs at them and hissed "Fascists!" as they marched along, Alfia and Lipton said. They said they were surprised to encounter animosity at a peace rally, and decided to publicize their experience.
For a good example of a protest warrior read this.

posted by: Brian Scott

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