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Poetic Beauty

I love it when people put heart and mind together and come up with something like this:

    When Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq, a pair of monuments stood as symbols of his iron-fisted domination: towering bronze statues depicting a heroic Saddam as the mighty conqueror, on horseback, sword aloft.
    But U.S. troops blew the statues off their pedestals after the invasion of Iraq, giving the soldiers who pulled Saddam out of his hiding hole a keepsake to bring home.

    The 50-foot-tall statues were melted down and recast by a skilled Iraqi artist who turned them into a new memorial that depicts a GI mourning his fallen comrades while a young girl tries to console him.

    The new statue, mounted on a black granite base, is the centerpiece of an Iraq war memorial being built outside the 4th Infantry Division's museum at Fort Hood in central Texas.

    "It goes back to the old days when you would take your enemy's cannons and melt them down to make your statues," said retired Sgt. Maj. Chuck Fuss, who served in Iraq as the division's top enlisted man.

posted by: Brian Scott

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