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No commitment

Protestors want to disrupt the Republican National convention to the point of evacuation, which would effectively end the event.

These protestors:

    Reports show that fringe groups are hatching a plot on the Internet, telling people how to attack and trick police with the ultimate goal of evacuating Madison Square Garden. The suggestions include everything from throwing marbles in the path of police-mounted horses to going to shooting ranges before heading to the convention so that their clothes will reek of gunpowder and trick bomb-sniffing dogs on the subways and commuter trains.
Should act more like these protestors - except with total commitment to the threat.

    A group of 23 petitioners from the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang climbed a building outside the country's Supreme Court in Beijing on Monday in an apparent mass suicide bid over unresolved grievances.
Maybe they're just not as committed to their cause.

posted by: Brian Scott

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