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Who recently said this racist comment about black people?

    "One thing I know, negroes can drive cars fast, I mean, we go through red lights, even [drive] at night with our lights off. We can drive cars fast,' he asserted from the podium."
This quote is from Jesse Jackson at a Rainbow/PUSH (read Rainbow/extort) coalition conference in Chicago, just before a NASCAR sponsored luncheon.

Rainbow/Push is nothing but extortionist thugs threatening legal and verbal pressure to get people to do what they want. So far NASCAR has not stopped funding the coalition, as previously reported, instead they have given a total of $250,000 to mob boss adulterer Jesse Jackson.

And besides showing support for the R/P coalition, citing diversity, there was no other mention of what NASCAR gets for it's $250,000 dollars.

That’s not true actually. What follows is how Jesse Jackson currently feels about NASCAR since they've paid their "protection" money. This is what NASCAR gets out of the deal:

    Jackson was upbeat about NASCAR and the motor sports diversity effort.

    "There is no longer the kind of cultural fear based upon ancient myths. Everyone sees inclusion leads to growth," Jackson told .

    "What I am most impressed with in regards to NASCAR is the drivers are so open to black drivers," he added.

    According to Jackson, now that NASCAR is firmly in the Rainbow/PUSH camp, the next effort is going to involve challenging the corporate sponsors of motor sports to finance minority drivers.

    "It is not resistance by NASCAR now, it is now meeting with corporations that engage in diversity in other areas -- supplier diversity, employment diversity-- but many of them have zero by their name in race car investment," Jackson explained.
And before you begin to think I’m a racist for my comments above, think again. I am not racist or against black drivers. On the contrary, I believe diversity in all sports should be welcome. There is no such thing as a black sport or a white sport. If there are talented individuals of any minority, that perform as well or better than others, that person should rise to the top and get the attention they deserve. What I’m against, once again, is paying extortionists cash for good PR.

NASCAR fans will not be pleased.

posted by: Brian Scott

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