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Michael Berg rips Bush - Media swoons with glee.

As the parent of two sons, I can sympathize with the Pain Nick Berg's father is going through. But since he decided to exploit his son's death for his own political ideologies, I believe criticizing his efforts to oust Bush is more than fair.

It is clear this guy fits the bill of a PWML (Paul Welstone Memorial Liberal). And since he hates the Bush administration so much he has become a media darling. Any time Michael Berg steps out of his house to say something poorly about our President he gets attention. He remains critical even in the face of victory.

    "We know that the Iraqi people have not had an election yet, so we do not have a democracy over there, we just have a dictatorship of Bush and (Prime Minister Tony) Blair," he said. "What kind of stability is there in Iraq when we have to sneak the transfer of power in two days ahead of time for who knows why?"
It's day 4 and this guy is complaining that they haven't had elections yet. It will happen. And when it does, I highly doubt Michael will find any good coming out of it. He is only an opportunistic pessimist. While Bush is in office, nothing right can be done. Bush could turn socialist and it wouldn't be socialist enough for him.

Iraq has a dictatorship of Bush and Blair eh? Yeah, this guy on some other planet. Michael is the type of person that would rather ignore facts and truth than deal with it. Could someone please tell him we are the third planet from the sun. Not only does he ignore the facts, he could care less about the Iraqi people. There are new Iraqi polls out showing overwhelming support for the new interim PM and government. Fifteen different Iraqi groups have signed letters of appreciation to America for our service. Iraqi’s trust Bush more than American’s do. Just why is that do you think? (I know why of course – it’s a rhetorical question)

I have no idea why Michael would have problem transferring over Iraq two days early. It most likely saved many lives. Now if the terrorists bomb and kill, it will be against Iraq itself and not just the coalition. It happened two days early, as planned, to avoid media speculation and media joy when the terrorist picked up the pace of terror against democracy. It was a brilliant move.

Michael sounds so paranoid, if Bush chose chicken over steak for dinner, he’d think there must be something sinister and evil behind it. He must know something about mad cow disease that we don’t, right Michael? I grow more exasperated by people like him every day. My tolerance and willingness to listen goes right out the window because people like him could care less about the truth.

Truth to people like Michael Berg, and Moore is a relative term to describe the progression of their agenda. If Bush is a liar and a thief, that is truth. If you ask them to prove it – you’re a hate monger.

Nuff said about the useful idiots.

posted by: Brian Scott

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