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John Foibles Kerry Picks John (trial lawyer) Edwards.

I saw Katie this morning make the claim that this choice could give (based on some democratic strategists theory) the J/J 2004 team a 15 point lead. Yeah right. Not going to happen. People have already made up their minds (for the most part) on who they will vote for. The few points they might gain will be gone in a matter of a couple weeks, not the months that the Dems are hoping for.

I also saw John Kerry's speech this morning on his choosing John Edwards, yet there was no John to be seen. That is very strange.

BTW - The speech was dull and boring. Really. I'm trying to be fair here. It took Van Halen's song Right Now (Good song) over the loud speakers to keep people from falling asleep. Maybe the music is there to keep John awake.

At one point the Van Halen song blared as Kerry nodded his head in approval while people clapped and cheered for what seemed to be forever. It could have been on a video loop and you wouldn't have know the difference. It was just constant nodding with a weird smile. He did not look comfortable.

What to look for over the next 4 months:

1. John Edwards is a trial lawyer. Conservatives will be looking at every trial he was ever involved in. There will be a lot of good stuff to come out using this information.

2. The debate between John Edwards and Cheney is going to be awesome. Cheney will wipe Edwards from one end of the podium to the other. Expect a lot of media coverage on this one. Cheney is older, wiser, and articulate when it comes to the presidents agenda.

3. Over the next couple weeks the media will be having yet another feeding frenzy over John Kerry’s choice. There will be a lot of positive media coverage for these two wannabes. It will not have a lasting effect on the poll numbers much to the media's chagrin.

posted by: Brian Scott

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