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Howard Dean supported relaxing incest laws in VT

When the subject of same sex marriages come up, the left promptly calls conservative arguments reactionary. After all, no one is asking for incestuous marriage licenses or licenses handed out to polygamists. Marriage should be for anytwo people that love each other, right? As long as they are two consenting adults why should they be refused this legal bond? All this talk about incest and such is just reaching for an argument.

Recently however, it has come out that Howard Dean tried to relax incest laws so that a woman could marry her maternal uncle, while he was Governor of Vermont.

The bill even got so far as to pass the house legislature 73-67, but was stopped once it reached the Senate. Thank God.

    In 1983, a Vermont legislator named Elizabeth Edwards introduced a bill to allow a 65-year-old woman to marry her 86-year-old maternal uncle, despite incest laws banning the match. Edwards, a Republican (only in Vermont, kids!), figured that incest laws were primarily about preventing defective offspring, and her neighbors Ramona Crane and Harold Forbes were too old to bear children. "They're a super-neat couple who don't have any money, and they just have each other, and I think they should be able to get married if they want to," Edwards told United Press International for a February 23, 1983, story.
They’re super neat couple? Canada wouldn’t even accept them. When Canada rejected them, the woman complained using a familiar argument:

    "If it isn't legal anywhere, what good is it?"

posted by: Brian Scott

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