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Fight at the DNC

In an earlier post I mentioned that the protesting at the RNC would come to blows.

    If violence doesn't result from this, I'll be surprised. The liberal "peaceniks" won't stand for being protested peacefully. Lets see who throws the first punch shall we?
I neglected to mention that conservatives would also be protesting the DNC. It was on Sunday, one day before the convention actually begins, that the fighting began. And guess who was at fault for the violence? The peaceful protestor or the "tolerant" liberal?

    A brief scuffle broke out on the Common between some of the peace demonstrators and a man carrying a graphic anti-abortion sign. Witnesses said the man (holding the sign) was pushed to the ground and his shirt was torn, but he was unhurt.
I think might get worse.

It is one thing to disagree with Bush's policy, but what the left's leadership have done goes beyond just strong disagreement. They have lied and fomented anger in their base so that they will be motivated to vote for them. And it is that same motivation that might result in violence at both conventions. It already has.

posted by: Brian Scott

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