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Doing My Duty. Getting Nader on the ballot in Michigan.

Michigan has the needed signatures to have a Nader ticket, we just need them to be validated now.
    The state Democratic Party did not respond to a request for comment on the accusation, but says state Republicans deserve criticism for collecting 43,000 of the 50,000 signatures that may help Nader get on the state ballot. They say the GOP is helping Nader because it thinks he can take votes away from Democrat John Kerry.
Big giant DUHHH! So what? Show your candidate is better than Nader and convince Michiganders to vote for Kerry. Don't wine about fair play. I'm sure the "legality" of signatures are being investigated.

Nader ignores the obvious.

I found this story at CBS news. In it Nader makes this claim:

    "We have no indication its Republicans that are trying to maneuver support for us," Nader said last month.

    And on Monday, he chose not to withdraw from the Michigan ballot.

    "As far as the illegitimate Republican support that's been reported, we are not out seeking that kind of support," said Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese. "In fact, we were surprised in Michigan."
Need more proof it’s the Republicans pushing a Nader ticket? My wife and I are registered Republicans. Two weeks ago my wife and I went to the zoo with our two boys. While walking back to our car a young man asked us if we wanted to help Bush. Of course we did. He explained what the petition was for and we liked the idea of having Nader take votes from Kerry, so we signed the petition to have him placed on the November ballot.

It made me feel warm and happy inside to know I did my part in getting Bush elected this November.

God bless America.

Thanks to Dave at the CSC for the heads up on this one.

posted by: Brian Scott

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