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Dan slams DNC and weird Kerry

Dan Rather is no conservative, so it took me by surprise when he had some negative comments about the DNC.

    Now it’s official: This convention really is duller than those the parties held four years ago. Inside the hall, it’s scripted down to the nanosecond. Outside the hall, security is battened down tighter than the lug nuts on a ’55 Ford. Remember DNC 2000’s anti-globalism protestors and the Rage Against the Machine concert in the Staples Center parking lot? Nothing of that sort this time around — perhaps if they put an exercise wheel and a water bottle inside the so-called “protestor’s cage” (a.k.a. “Free-Speech Zone”)….
He also made mention of the latest Kerry Pic. See top right ‘pic of the moment.'

    Long ago and far away, I wanted to be a print reporter — and no, not because television wasn’t yet invented. Would’ve been one, too, if not for my wretched (or is that retched?) spelling. But sometimes still wish I were one, especially when I see headline writers miss a big chance, like this one for John Kerry’s Dukakisesque photo op yesterday at Cape Canaveral — POLITICAL ADVANCE WORK: IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. You really have to wonder what the candidate, his staff, and anyone else involved was thinking with that one. made Kerry look silly, bordering on weird.

posted by: Brian Scott

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