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Clinton on Berger theft: "We were all laughing about it."

I'm not. I'm sure you were Bill. I'm sure you thought breaking the law on a number of occasions was funny.

    "I wish I knew who leaked it. It's interesting timing," he added.
Sandy Berger gets caught stealing highly classified papers, the story breaks yesterday, and the timing is interesting to Bill?

Don't for one second believe that this story can be reduced down to election year politics.

This is one mans illegal dealings being spun by the spin master to plant a seed of doubt in your brain and convince his useful idiots that it’s a baseless attack. Bottom line: Sandy broke the law and the bad press he’s getting is due to his own failings and not that of the "Republican Attack Machine."

Personal Hope: This will reflect badly on Kerry since he was using Berger as an advisor. Berger being caught has nothing to do with politics, but I would be disappointed if the Bush campaign didn't use this to their advantage.

Reality Check: This won't matter to the democratic base. People have already made up their minds on this election. There would have to be a scandal of biblical proportions in order for Kerry to loose his base. Like if Kerry became pro-life and pro-American. What a scandal that would be.

Berger Questions: What was on those papers? Did the memos help protect Clinton or did they help Kerry against Bush? Was it both?

posted by: Brian Scott

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