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Canada: Yes to Al-Jazeera and No to FoxNews.

How odd is this?

    Canada's increasingly strange government, which continues to censor Fox News Channel, has covertly approved the unleashing of the terrorists' favorite propaganda machine.

    "The federal broadcast regulator made one of its most controversial decisions in recent years when it approved the digital distribution [Thursday] of the Arabic-language TV news network Al-Jazeera, although it did so without any public hearings," the Toronto Globe and Mail reported today.

Al-Jazeera is notably biased against America's war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and FoxNews does not hide the fact that they are on America's side. Who's side is Canada on? Why are they trying to foment hatred and anti-American sentiment towards us? It stands to reason that since Al-Jazeera is anything but fair in their reporting towards America, Canada is sending us a clear message: Truth doesn't matter when you hate freedom, democracy and capitalism.

posted by: Brian Scott

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