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British Reject Ban on Spanking of Kids

Regardless of the headline, they are still heavy handed about telling individuals how to treat their own children.

    British lawmakers on Monday voted against a ban on parents spanking their children, and decided instead to tighten existing rules.

    After a three-hour debate in the House of Lords, peers rejected the ban by 250 votes to 75.

    Instead, they voted by 226-91 to allow moderate spanking, but make it easier to prosecute parents who physically or mentally abuse their children by spanking.

I would never advocate abusing your child to make them subservient, but spanking done properly is not abuse. It is a useful tool in making your child understand the consequences of repeated disobedience. It is also used infrequently to stress the severity of the offense.

One last thing; doesn't this sound rather heavy handed to you? Do you really think those who spank their children are guilty of child abuse? Should those who are convicted of child abuse because they spanked their child, have them taken and placed in foster care? What would you think if this kind of law was enacted here in America?

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posted by: Brian Scott

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