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At 6'-9" and 100% dutch... I kinda knew this was true.

    The Dutch, already the tallest people on the planet, are still growing in height while also packing on the pounds.

    The market research organization GfK said Thursday that data collected over the last seven years showed increasing demand for larger clothing sizes in the Netherlands, where the average man is about 185 cm (6 foot 1 inch) tall.

    "The Dutch are growing," said GfK spokesman Koen Snoeren.

    The Dutch are nearly 10 cm (four inches) taller on average than the British and Americans, and almost 15 cm (six inches) taller than they were four decades ago.

    GfK's analysis supports recent studies, including one by Professor Robert Fogel for the Pan American Health Organization, that ranks the Dutch as the tallest people on the planet.

    Fogel and other researchers put it down to affluence, a diet rich in dairy products, and good hygiene and health care.
I didn't stop growing till I was 23. When I was in highschool I was 6'-6". By the time I was out of college, I was 6'-8". When I got married at 22 I finally reached my top of 6'-9".

Fun fact: My wife is 5'-3".

posted by: Brian Scott

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