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Angry crowd walks out on Linda Ronstadt's encore

She was more than free to dedicate the last song of evening, Desperado, to Michael Moore, and a large number of people used their freedom of expression to walk out because of it. Sweet.

    Linda Ronstadt's political message sent close to a hundred concert-goers home early Thursday evening.

    What had been a mellow evening at Wente Vineyards, with the crowd even serenading her with "Happy Birthday" at one point, turned into a rush for the exits by some fans angry by her encore tribute to filmmaker Michael Moore.

    "She just had to do it," one fan steamed as he headed for the parking lot. "It was good until the end," another yelled to TV crews waiting outside the concert.

    "She's getting out of line; it's ridiculous," said Cindy Williams of Livermore, as she left during the last song of the evening.

posted by: Brian Scott

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