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Sue a Pastor; Collect 1 Million Dollars. - Michael Newdow Update.

Oh my goodness…. Can you believe the pastor misquoted Michael on the internet? Whatever should Michael Newdow do? He ended up suing the pastor and winning a 1 million dollar libel judgment against the minister. Proving himself once again as a heartless, iconoclastic, liberal, twit.

    The man who has challenged the Pledge of Allegiance's reference to the words "under God," has won a one (m) million dollar libel judgment against a minister.

    Michael Newdow says he does not expect to be paid by Austin Miles, who lost the case in absentia. Newdow says he filed suit to clear his name.

    In an Internet posting in 2002, Miles accused Newdow of perjury for allegedly lying to the appeals court that reciting the pledge caused his daughter "emotional damage" and "a sense of being left out."

    Newdow denies ever making the comments.

    Miles also sought unsuccessfully to have Newdow removed from the California State Bar.
I think the pastor’s statements are very benign. It hardly feels like slander at all. I’m no lawyer, but I would bet that the pastor would have won had he shown up at the courthouse for his own hearing. Michael Newdow’s battles lately seem quite petty.

posted by: Brian Scott

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