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The Religion Gap

Betsy's Page refers to this article in USAtoday. In which it states:

    "Forget the gender gap. The "religion gap" is bigger, more powerful and growing. The divide isn't between Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles. Instead, on one side are those of many faiths who go to services, well, religiously: Catholics who attend Mass without fail, evangelical Christians and mainline Protestants who show up for church rain or shine, some Orthodox Jews. On the other side are those who attend religious services only occasionally or never.
Later in the article it refers to gentleman who studies Bush's "use" of religion.

    "The Democratic party is very much divided about whether these sorts of appeals are legitimate and whether religion should play a role in electoral politics," says James Guth, a political scientist at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., who has studied Bush's use of religion. While many Democrats attend religious services, others are secular."
Which prodded me to write this comment on Betsy's page:

    "who has studied Bush's use of religion"

    As though he uses it to gain votes. I'm sure he gets votes because he is a Christian, but that is who he is, not because he’s trying to find a way to gain votes.

    In Bush's case, it is clearly evident that his faith is real. This is what the dems are missing. On one side of the spectrum is a heartfelt belief; on the other side is a devised plan to gain more votes. It becomes a transparent hoax to many Christians when a dem tries to quote scripture from the pulpit or call themselves reverend (Jesse/Al) without any apparent affiliation with a denomination or body of believers. And then they take sides on issues like abortion and gay marriage that are obviously anti-Biblical principals.

    Nancy Pelosi recently threatened a DC priest, along with 47 other senators and representatives, to not with hold the sacrament of communion due to their voting records on abortion and gay marriage.

    Nancy Pelosi made a statement regarding her decision to support these issues that show the democrats grasp of Christian issues is well out of their reach.

    "Noting that the Supreme Court has ruled that women have a constitutional right to choose an abortion, they said that members of Congress "who vote for legislation consistent with that mandate are not acting contrary to our positions as faithful members of the Catholic Church."

    The Pope and God would disagree.
My point is this: Democrats and liberals need to show a heart felt belief in God (which cannot be faked) before followers of Christ (or God the Father if you’re a Jew) even begin to look at them as a viable option in an election. This change of heart will not happen anytime soon in the liberal party. The liberals support the removal of God from our government & schools, as well as social issues that are a complete attack on the way Christians believe, such as gay marriage, abortion and stem cell research to name just a few.

Simply calling yourself reverend or standing on a pulpit and using scripture does not make you a Christian or a Jew, it is the relationship you have with God. Your actions prove your commitment to him.

This link expounds on the 48 dems letter to the Bishop in DC.

posted by: Brian Scott

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