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More Michael Moore - The Democrats "love" for "Truth"

This past Wednesday, Michael Moore previewed his film Fahrenheit 9/11 in Washington. Many Democratic senators and liberal politicos were present and excited to see this "truthfull" expose on the Bush adminstration.

I personally cannot think of one film that is more divisive than this one. There are plenty of rebuttals to this film that will never get the air time or attention that this film will. For a US Senator to go to this film is completely within their rights, but if their intention is to "stop the partisan bickering" and "Bring America together again" this is not the way to do it.

Here are a couple quotes from that night.

    Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe said he thought the film would play an important role in this election year.

    "This movie raises a lot of the issues that Americans are talking about, that George Bush has been asleep at the switch since he's been president," McAuliffe said as he walked the red carpet into the premiere.

    Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa implored all Americans to see the film: "It's important for the American people to understand what has gone on before, what led us to this point, and to see it sort of in this unvarnished presentation by Michael Moore."
Lets hope that this type of rhetoric will work against them like the Paul Wellstone memorial did in the 2002 elections.,8599,388903,00.html

Here are just a few of the blatant lies that Michael espouses in his film Fahrenheit 9/11.

Lie: In F-9/11 the movie depicts Bush as being aloof and uncaring while sitting with children in an elementary school for 7 minutes while the plains hit the trade towers.

Truth: Not willing to be even handed, Michael decided not to tell you that the 9/11 commission asked Bush about this and got a reasonable answer. The report stated it this way: “The president felt he should project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening.”

Lie: Concerning Saudi flights out of America in the days after Sept 11. Michael claims that none of the 142 Saudi passengers that had left the country, while airports were shut down, were interviewed or screened by the FBI.

Truth: The flights actually went out on Sept 14, after airspace reopened. The FBI interviewed 22 of the 26 people on the Bin Laden flight.

Lie: (By implication) Bush has close ties with the Bin Laden family.

Truth: The tie that Michael is referring to is with a private investment firm called the Carlyle Group that George H. W. Bush was a senior advisor to. He specifically advised the Carlyle Groups Asian affiliates. Members of the Bin Laden family had invested 2 million in a Carlyle Group fund. Both families have severed their relationship with the Carlyle Group since 9/11. This particular investment firm has a bi partisan roster of clients including Bill Clinton’s former SEC chairman Arthur Levitt.

This “link” is really stretching it. Can you imagine the number of clients someone like the Carlyle group has? For someone that is as wealthy as the Bin Laden family, and influential and wealthy as the Bush family is, it is no surprise to me that people of nefarious character use the same investment firm as the Bush’s do. Honestly I have no clue what Michael's point is on this issue.

Personal question to Michael Moore: If a rapist or a murderer pays to watch F-9/11, which will enrich you, are you complicit in their felonies or at fault in any way with how they conduct their lives? I guess according to you… yes.

Lie: American lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq have been wasted.

Truth: Our country runs an all-volunteer armed services division. Anyone going into the armed services understands the possibilities of actually going to war. You should never join the armed services without realizing that you could be deployed. Most of those that serve, serve with honor and distinction. They understand that what they are doing in the middle east will strengthen our republic, spread democracy, and make it safer to walk into tall buildings.

Americans that serve and have their lives taken from them are the backbone of this great country. They paved the way for our freedoms. Michael’s (and not just Michael’s) attacks against these wars and our troops only demonstrates his hate for this country, and desire for it to be taken down to third world status.

posted by: Brian Scott

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