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Madonna: Call me Esther

My wife and I live about 40 minutes from Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful lake with interesting ports up and down the west coast of this great state. It’s one of the reasons why my wife and I will most likely live here till our dying days. Another reason why we like this area is it’s conservative leanings. We literally have a church on almost every corner in the West Michigan Area. I like it that way.

One day my wife and I went to Grand Haven and walked along their boardwalk which runs along a channel that feeds into Lake Michigan. While we were walking we came upon a small-time boyband trying to make a video for whatever reason. Watching intently, batting their beautiful eyes, smiling, and seductively eating their ice-cream, were two girls hoping to catch the attention of these young men. As my wife and I finished our walk and headed towards the car we passed them (about 2 feet away) once more. At this very moment one of the young men asked for the name of one of the girls that had been watching. She responded, “Whatever you’d like it to be.”

Remember, this is a beautiful area, lots of people, conservative people, with family near by. The second she finished her idiotic proclamation, my wife and I, along with about 12 others within ear shot groaned so loudly at the same time, it both surprised and entertained us. We delighted in her embarrassment. Hopefully the embarrassment was enough to make her think twice about saying something like that ever again.

I was reminded of the sound of that groan the minute I saw this headline; 'Material Girl' Goes from Madonna to Esther. It’s to bad Madonna cannot hear the collective groaning of America. It might actually have done her some good to hear it.

But why do we groan when we hear things like this? You may have groaned because it’s cliché for celebrities to change their name. It’s like they need something other than new earrings, or a shirt. For me it was a bit different.

This will be Madonna’s third name. Her first name was Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. She shortened her name to just Madonna for obvious reasons, but she changed her name the third time to Esther, for the all important “energy” rationale.
    "I was named after my mother. My mother died when she was very young, of cancer, and ... I wanted to attach myself to another name," the singer says in an interview on ABC's "20/20," airing at 10 p.m. EDT Friday. "This is in no way a negation of who my mother is ... I wanted to attach myself to the energy of a different name."
I often thought Madonna’s recent changes meant she had zero clue about who she really is. Instead, what I’ve come to realize is that maybe she is all too familiar with herself and doesn’t like what she sees. It’s her way of picking up and starting over again. Having your own children brings a level of introspection that most are uncomfortable dealing with. Lets see if she became introspective.
    "I did spend, you know, at least a decade taking my clothes off and being photographed, saying bad words on TV, and, you know, that sort of thing," she told ABC's Cynthia McFadden. "I don't regret it, but it's just ... I mean everybody takes their clothes off now. And then what? You know? And -- and then what?"
Nope. No Introspection there. I think this statement also demonstrates her intelligence. Further proof: She did endorse Wesley Clark remember?Madonna’s move from a non practicing Catholic, to self deification, to her recent obsession with Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism), means that she is searching for meaning in her life. She desperately wants to have a foundation to anchor onto. And she is willing to try just about anything to find that solid ground. (Anything that is, except Christianity.)

People look up to her as someone with actual knowledge and credibility about life choices. We are talking about an individual who has made a habit of making the wrong choices in life from almost the very beginning til today. And she refuses to acknowledge them as being wrong. It is her life choices that lead her to change personas/styles at the drop of a hat. And people of all ages still look at her as a role model. That is why I groaned.

posted by: Brian Scott

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