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Liberal ladies run political festival.

    "If you're planning on voting for "W" later this year, you might want to stay away from Davey's Uptown in Kansas City on June 27.
The liberals are having a political festival, with the proceeds going to I thought was well funded by communist regimes and George Soros? Why do they need to have a festival?

    Activist group Beauty Slays the Beast is tackling both subjects in an all-day fun-fest that sports local bands and artists, an art auction, speakers, voter registration, film screenings, a burlesque crew and a dunk tank featuring "W" and Dick Cheney.

    And, Just for Fun, Bash Bush - Literally
    If you've ever wanted to punch out a President, here's your chance. For a small donation, attendees can "Give George What-For in '04" by punching an inflatable likeness of President Bush. Don't miss this unique opportunity to take politics into your own hands. Other games and kids' stuff include politically-themed face painting and temporary tattoos, and you'll want to warm up your pitching arm for the "Asses of Evil" dunking booth featuring volunteers masked to resemble "W," Dick Cheney, & Co.
They don't mention that I'll be just outside the festival gates handing out razor blades and razor blade refills. Limit 50 per leg per woman and transvestite. I'm sure I'll have plenty left for the next years festival. But I should at least try.

posted by: Brian Scott

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