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Is France having a moment of clarity? Lets hope it lasts.

Great, now I have to deal with feelings that France may not be all that bad. Naa, they'd surrender to an ill tempered monkey.

    His popularity ratings have plunged, his party is in disarray, his attempts to dominate the European Union have fallen flat, a top aide and protege was convicted of corruption, and Jacques Chirac's future as France's president is at best cloudy.

    More interesting facts:
    1. In two recent elections voters rejected his party.
    2. 70% of voters say they have no confidence in Chirac's Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin.
    3. Chirac's approval rating was a low 50% last August, but is now a sub-electable 35%, according to TNS Sofres, a pollster.

posted by: Brian Scott

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