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Ice-T And David Hasselhoff Team Up For Rap Album - THE APOCOLYPSE IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!

Ice-T and D-Ho in da house! Wooo Hooo Yeah! I cannot wait. If I could wish for one thing in life, just one, and have it immediately granted, it would be for this album to actually happen. It's fun watching entertainers make terrible decisions. Think of the hours of jokes that this would create... The possibilities are endless.

Title of the CD will be: Hassle the Hoff

Song Titles on the CD are as follows:

1. D to the H' Oh!
2. Kit Capped.
3. Beach Dolla Ho.
4. I ain't wiggin.
5. G to the ermany.
6. I'm a rappa - No foolin.
7. Silicon jiggy wid it.
8. I ain't 50! (pronounced fiddy)!
9. IcleHoff.
10. At least I'm wearin black yo.

posted by: Brian Scott

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