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Good for America - Bad for Kerry

Bad economic news for Kerry.

Move on Kerry. Find something else to depress America with. The "bad economy" door is closed. On second thought, instead of trying to depress America, why not focus on the positives? Or would that work against you? I think we know the answer to that.

More reading on the subject.

Cheney calls Kerry 'pessimistic' on economy.

    "The speech echoed the Bush-Cheney campaign's recent television ads that blast Kerry as a pessimist in the face of an improving economy.

    Cheney said Kerry "doesn't recognize the strengths of our economy, so it's hard to believe he'd know how to make it any stronger."

    "As the American people have worked to overcome the challenges of terrorist attacks and recession, he's traveled the country telling workers and entrepreneurs how it reminds him of the Great Depression," Cheney said.

    "He's even trotted out the old term 'misery index.' The problem is that by Senator Kerry's definition, things got better during the Carter years, and then got worse during the Reagan-Bush years."

posted by: Brian Scott

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