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DJ Celebrates Reagan's Death.

Heartless Idiot.

    "he berated Reagan for his foreign policy in Latin America, Iraq and Afghanistan, and for what the student called a "homophobic" response to the AIDS epidemic.

    "I said that I was sick of all of the media that was glorifying Reagan and rewriting history that was pretty despicable," he said. "Basically, what the gist of the show was, it was a celebration that Ronald Reagan was dead, was finally dead."

    He said he played requests such as "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and told listeners he wanted to "walk over the newly laid dirt" on Reagan's grave. One listener said the disc jockey advocated urinating on Reagan's grave, but the student said he does not remember saying that."
This is going to be my last story of Reagan hate. Whats the point. We know it's out there. We know what we are up against in the battle of ideals.

I sometimes lament linking to the proof text. It somehow gives the stupid, dumb, and less than compassionate, a voice they otherwise wouldn't have. But what do you do, ignore it?

posted by: Brian Scott

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