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    Most abortions - nearly 90 percent - are provided in the first trimester - the first three months of pregnancy. Fewer than 11 percent take place in the second trimester.
“For you created my inmost being.”

Yawning baby
(12 weeks old from date of conception)

    Q. How is MVA performed?
    A. A tube is inserted through the cervix into the uterus. A hand-held pump gently empties the uterus.
You knit me together in my mother's womb.”

Grabbing his cheek
(22 weeks old from date of conception)

    Q. How is a D&C performed?
    A. A tube is inserted into the uterus. This tube is attached to a suction machine. The suction machine is turned on. The uterus is emptied by gentle suction.
“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Sucking his toes.
(11 weeks old from date of conception)

    Q. How is a D&E performed?
    A. A local anesthetic is injected into or near the cervix. The dilator is removed. The fetus and other products of conception are removed from the uterus with medical instruments, suction, and curette.
Not once does Plan Parenthood acknowledge the life inside the mother as alive. About 1.37 million abortions are performed every year in the U.S.. To date, roughly 40 million have died since Roe-V-Wade.

See more pictures of babies growing inside their mothers.

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