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Cavuto talks to Cheney about his recent use of the "F" word.

I hate it when people are two-faced. I guess Cheney does too. Heres is the explaination of why Dick Cheney told Senator Patrick Leahy, F*** you.

    CAVUTO: All right. Sir, a couple of little issues I want settled, or maybe to get the real skinny on. One was this blowout you had the other day with Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont. What happened?

    CHENEY: Well, I guess you could say we had a little floor debate in the United States Senate.

    CAVUTO: I heard it was more than a debate.

    CHENEY: Well, I expressed myself rather forcefully, felt better after I had done it.

    CAVUTO: All right. Now, did you use the 'F' word?

    CHENEY: That's not the kind of language I usually use.

    CAVUTO: All right, because the reports were that you did.

    CHENEY: Yes, that's not the kind of language I ordinarily use. But...

    CAVUTO: What did you tell him?

    CHENEY: I expressed my dissatisfaction for Senator Leahy.

    CAVUTO: Over his comments about you and Halliburton?

    CHENEY: No. It was partly that. It was partly also, it had to do with he is the kind of individual who will make those kinds of charges and then come after you as though he's your best friend. And I expressed, in no uncertain terms, my views of the - of his conduct and walked away.

    CAVUTO: Did you curse at him?

    CHENEY: Probably.

    CAVUTO: Do you have any regrets?

    CHENEY: No. I said it, and I felt that...

    CAVUTO: So let me understand, he comes up, he sees you, Mr. Vice - he's all nice, shakes your hand. And then what do you do, let into him?

    CHENEY: Explain my unhappiness with the way he conducted himself. Ppart of the problem here is, that instead of having a substantive debate over important policy issues, he had challenged my integrity. And I didn't like that. But most of allmost of all, I didn't like the fact that after he had done so then he wanted to act like, you know, everything's peaches and cream.

    And I informed him of my view of his conduct in no uncertain terms. And as I say, I felt better afterwards.

    CAVUTO: All right. Now, they say you broke decorum for normally a Senate or congressional session. Now, technically, I guess, it wasn't in session.

    CHENEY: No, we weren't in session. What we were doing was waiting to take our pictures, our official Senate photo. And I go up and sit in the chair, as the president of the Senate (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

    CAVUTO: What was reaction from the crowd?

    CHENEY: Well, I think that a lot of my colleagues felt that what I had said badly needed to be said, that it was long overdue.

    CAVUTO: Pretty feisty guy, aren't you?

    CHENEY: Well, I'm usually fairly calm (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

    CAVUTO: Your wife's just a few feet away.

    CHENEY: And ordinarily I don't express myself in strong terms. But I thought it was appropriate here.

    CAVUTO: You sounded like me in one of my staff meetings.

    CHENEY: Yes."

posted by: Brian Scott

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