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Bush/Giuliani in 2004?

Theres been recent specualtion about Rudy Giuliani becoming our next VP. Heres my take on this.

If (and only if) Cheney resigns as VP due to health concerns and to make room for the 2008 candidate, Giuliani will be asked to take the spot. Bush and Giuliani would win in a landslide.

Will Cheney resign? They have been campaigning as Bush/Cheney now for some time, and they know their conservative base would be concerned with someone like Giuliani. However, there does seem to be a vacancy for the Director of the CIA. Cheney would fill that spot quite well. Add to it that the GWB/RG ticket would appeal to a broader base of voters, and the need for a viable candidate for 2008... I can see the desire to switch now.

Bush/Giuliani? Talk about a well balanced ticket. On one side you have Bush who is a fiscal liberal, (when funding social programs) and a social conservative. On the other hand you have Rudy, a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Sounds good right?

To me, it's a win/lose situation in my book. Yeah, we win in 2004 - but do you really want pro-choice and pro-gay rights republican in office in 2008? I wouldn’t. That being said, I think a majority of Americans could be sold on that ticket.

Bush/Giuliani in 2004 anyone?

posted by: Brian Scott

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