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Bush wins!

Bush wins because:

1. The economy is up.
2. The transfer of power happened 2 days earlier than anyone expected. (probably saved lives)
3. Jobs are increasing. (unemployment is at 5.6% - same as when Clinton was in office)
4. Your tax burden is lower. (Do I really have to link this one to prove it's true? No of course not)
5. Interest rates are still low.
6. Dow is above 10,000.
7. There is now a perscription drugs plan endorsed by the AARP. (not by conservatives, but hey it's an issues GWB has taken from the libs.
8. No terrorists have attacked American soil since 9/11/2001. (Again, no need to link to this one to know it's true)
9. The Iraqi war is a success. Saddam is out, we have gained an ally, WMD have been found, and freedom has been given to 50,000,000 Iraqi's who once lived under a despot.
10. He's not Kerry.

And yet...

There has been a ton of bad publicity on Bush in the last 6 months. It's been unrelenting. And despite all of that hateful rhetoric, Bush is still in a dead heat with Kerry. I cannot wait till November when Bush wins. I want to be in the middle of Kerry's campaign headquarters with a digital camera to take pictures of Kerry supporters’ with their long faces and Kerry's even longer face than normal. I want to send people to European nations with cameras to see their surprise when America chooses once again, the right man for the job. I want to be a fly on the wall of Bin Laden's cave when the polls close and Bush is declared the victor. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the guy sitting across from Bin Laden. I want to be by Michael Moore with a movie camera as he begins to sob and complain the second he realizes that all his lying had zero affect on the real America. I want to be near Babs after the polls close. I bet she packs it in and moves to France. I wish someone would make a documentary of that day showing the expression and sadness of liberals when they realize that American doesn't want their PC, socialist, gay marriage, gun banning, anti-Christian, hateful, child killing agenda any more. When Bush wins this November, that day will truly be a great day indeed.

posted by: Brian Scott

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