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Bryan Henderson - a high school Protest Warrior story.

I would consider it a great success if my child ended up like Bryan Henderson. Bryan decided to stop taking the leftist preaching of his school teachers and fight back by posting some harmless, yet effective posters which were pro Iraqi war & pro Israel. Even when bodily threats and verbal attacks were frequent against him, he did not give up. He kept his cool and argued his points clearly and with intelligence. Unfortunately intelligence and common since is often lost on the left when confronted with facts and truth. Take the time to read his fascinating story and pray your child ends up just as driven, passionate, and smart as he is.

Read his story here.

Note to Bryan Henderson: I have no doubt you will go far in life if you continue to take on these battles. Your leadership at your high school may be lost on some of your peers now, but later in life when you’re making policy while holding some high office, or have your own radio talk show, it might finally dawn on them, that it was you who had your act together and not them. Congratulations for being ahead of the curve Bryan. Keep up the great and much needed work.

!!UPDATE!! - Comment from Bryan Henderson to


    Thanks so much for adding my story to your site! The more public this issue is made the more likely the administration will cave under mounting public pressure.

    I have received more than 100 emails in response the article on and many of those have also forwarded letters to my principal, asking him to reconsider his decision. I have been amazed to see not only support coming from the right, but also from many on even the far left, who though they disagree with the ideology behind my signs, support the cause of free speech. The emails continue to come in every day, and I must confess this has been a great source of encouragement.

    I have graduated, but PHS has not seen the last of me.

    I am currently awaiting the arrival of a letter from the A.C.L.U. regarding my petition for aid in filing a suit against the school board.

    I will keep you posted as events continue to unfold.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    --Bryan Henderson—
!!UPDATE - 6/23/04!!
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7. On a very cool note, since yesterday, Northern Alliance Radio Network has contacted Bryan Henderson and has set up a ½ hour interview with him in a couple weeks.

posted by: Brian Scott

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